Is there a workflow Rest API for Logic App Standard Single Tenant

Robert Lawrie 46 Reputation points

As far as I can tell the Logic App Rest API documented here: is not supported in the Single tenant (standard) implementation of Logic Apps.

What are the options for retrieving workflow status and run history via API? Can we use Azure Powershell?

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  1. MayankBargali-MSFT 53,106 Reputation points

    @Robert Lawrie Thanks for reaching out. The standard logic app is built on top of function runtime and it uses the same function REST API. The API is not yet available for consumption and therefore it is not documented as of now. For now, the workaround would be finding the REST API calls using the browser traces or fiddler traces that are initiated from the portal. For your reference sharing the REST calls as per your requirement and you need to pass the Authorization: Bearer <bearer-token> as documented here for any azure management REST call.

    Get all workflow details for a particular standard logic app name:
    /subscriptions/{subscription ID}/resourceGroups/{resourcegroup name}/providers/Microsoft.Web/sites/{standard logicapp name}/workflows?api-version=2018-11-01

    Get details with workflow name:
    /subscriptions/{subscription ID}/resourceGroups/{resourcegroup name}/providers/Microsoft.Web/sites/{standard logicapp name}/workflows/{workflow name}?api-version=2018-11-01

    You can refer to flowState parameter on the above REST call to get the status of the workflow.

    Get Run history for a particular workflow:
    /subscriptions/{subscription ID}/resourceGroups/{resourcegroup name}/providers/Microsoft.Web/sites/{standard logicapp name}/hostruntime/runtime/webhooks/workflow/api/management/workflows/{workflow name}/runs?api-version=2018-11-01

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  1. Joakim Schütt 1 Reputation point

    So, the Logic Apps standard REST API is the same (more or less) as the Function App REST API or how should I interpret this? Most of the APIs listed here should work then?

  2. Swift, Timothy 1 Reputation point

    The REST API differences between calling Consumption and Standard logic apps should REALLY be documented!!

  3. Michael Rosendahl 1 Reputation point

    @MayankBargali-MSFT so how do I delete the run history? The documentation does not specify any delete. According to the documentation the API only supports list, get, cancel and resubmit... why no delete? It's a must have!

    We did som tests and enabled debugging on a stateless workflow and did some runs so that the run history was polupated.. but then there's no way to delete that run history other than deleting the logic app and publish it again.. this is not the greatest solution :P