How to properly escape a comma in makeappx.exe package process

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When trying to package up a UWP application, we have our signing certificate specified in the Publisher section of the manifest. Unfortunately, our CN and Organization both have commas in the value.

<Identity Name="PKProtectExplorerIntegration" Publisher="CN=MSFT, INC, O=MSFT, INC, C=US" Version="" />

When we try to run makeappx.exe pack /d Test /p Test.msix /nv

We see this error in the output because of the commas:
MakeAppx : error: Error info: error C00CE169: App manifest validation error: The app manifest must be valid as per schema: Line 14, Column 49, Reason: 'CN=MSFT, INC, O=MSFT, INC, C=US' violates pattern constraint of '(CN|L|O|OU|E|C|S|STREET|T|G|I|SN|DC|SERIALNUMBER|Description|PostalCode|POBox|Phone|X21Address|dnQualifier|(OID.(0|[1-9][0-9])(.(0|[1-9][0-9]))+))=(([^,+="<>#;])+|".")(, ((CN|L|O|OU|E|C|S|STREET|T|G|I|SN|DC|SERIALNUMBER|Description|PostalCode|POBox|Phone|X21Address|dnQualifier|(OID.(0|[1-9][0-9])(.(0|[1-9][0-9]))+))=(([^,+="<>#;])+|".")))*'.
The attribute 'Publisher' with value 'CN=MSFT, INC, O=MSFT, INC, C=US' failed to parse.

How do we properly escape a comma in the Publisher string?

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