Information of dirty virtual memory pages

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To advise the memory manager to know better which pages should be preferred for paging I need to know which pages are dirty. Obviously I can get a lot of information QueryWorkingSet and QueryWorkingSetEx but what I do not get is if the page is dirty or not.

I need this because the memory manager has its own strategy of when and how to perform paging, but this paging doesn't fit my needs because in this case I really know better what needs to stay and what needs to be paged out.

Sometimes its also necessary to discard a page since its contents have invalidated and do not have to written to disk (DiscardVirtualMemory).

Also QueryVirtualMemoryInformation shows no sign of a dirty bit/flag.

Also I can not install a write watch and retrieve the contents with GetWriteWatch since when allocating MM-Files there is no flag to create the MM-File with the write watch.

The only open I see is that I have to track it myself which renders the application of MM-files useless.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    Information of dirty virtual memory pages

    The information is stored in the page table.

    A page table is the data structure used by a virtual memory system in a computer operating system to store the mapping between virtual addresses and physical addresses.

    Each page table entry (PTE) holds the mapping between a virtual address of a page and the address of a physical frame. There is also auxiliary information about the page such as a present bit, a dirty or modified bit, address space or process ID information, amongst others.

    I suggest you could refer to the thread:

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