Is there any way to get specific url after hitting a URL from VBA

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basically I need to call a URL(some auth based) from my VBA script. when i call it, it will open in browser with respective screen, after authenticating that page it will directing to other url in same page. i want to load that URL in my VBA code. Can you please help me. which library i need to use in VBA. i tried normal hitting with shell() Shell(chrome & " -url " & url) but by this there is no control on browser to VBA. also i tried selenium. i am unable to locate the URL. Dim driver As WebDriver

Set driver = New WebDriver
    driver.Start "chrome"
    driver.Get url
    driver.Wait 10000
    Url = driver.Url
    Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:20")

Please suggest required

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