Unwanted settings reapplied after VM restoration

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Unable to RDP to machine using built in administrator after LGPO and registry update.

Restored a disk from snapshot taken prior the update. Swapped it with the problematic disk. Still unable to login to VM,
Built in admin account was reset in portal and is now able to login normally.
Upon checking inside the machine, the LGPO and registry update that we were trying to revert as we are having trouble logging in was reapplied automatically.

We used our own script to update LGPO and registries, pushed using Invoke-Azvmruncommand thru runbook. No part in the script that will retry running it.

We are not sure why and how the script ran again when it was not manually/runbook triggered. It ran automatically right after we turn on the machine after swapping OS disk.

Hoping someone here has experienced it and could offer explanation as we need to redo the recovery soon as VM is experiencing more problems. We are afraid that it might happen again.

Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Machines
An Azure service that is used to provision Windows and Linux virtual machines.
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  1. Gilbert Cubio 26 Reputation points

    Thank you @Prrudram-MSFT ,

    I already opened a support ticket. In fact, I opened 2 as I was anxiously waiting for support to contact.
    After further investigation and testing today, I was able to replicate the issue in our DevTest environment.

    So if I push our script manually to the VM, still using Invoke-azvmruncommand, and restore it using the snapshot taken prior, the recovery is ok. I will not run the script again and reapply the LGPO and registry changes.
    It is a different case if I use the runbook to push our script. After swapping OS disk to restore the VM, the script will run upon start up again, thus re applying the LGPO and registry changes.

    Our script, downloads the LGPO file from a storage account from inside the machine. So, to break the cycle, we removed the LGPO files from the storage account, preventing the script to apply it. A little progress so we can safely proceed to restore our prod VM.

    But I still do not know what and how our script is being triggered automatically.
    I know that when I using Invoke-azvmruncommand, it creates a plugin in the vm, and on the path C:/Packages/Plugins/Microsoft.CPlat.Core.RunCommandWindows/1.1.9/Downloads, it stores the script.

    What puzzles me is, when we were restoring the VM using the snapshot taken prior the activity, our script is not yet in this path C:/Packages/Plugins/Microsoft.CPlat.Core.RunCommandWindows/1.1.9/Downloads. So how was it triggered upon start up.

    Was able to talk to someone from the support but we were on the rdp issue for now. We will continue next week and will further update here as soon as I get their explanation and recommendation.

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