Open Folder project - how to build 64bit version

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I am trying to add a task to build my "open folder" project in Visual Studio 2022.
The documentation is about this is quite lacking and I can't figure out how to run my build command with build environment set to x64 architecture and MSVC2017 toolset. So far I didn't even get 64bit version of latest 2022 toolset running, it keeps setting 32bit toolset (and yes, I have 64bit version installed, it works when I use command line prompt directly).

I have following task in my tasks.vs.json:

"version": "0.2.1",
"tasks": [
"inheritEnvironments": [ "msvc_x64" ],
"taskLabel": "DEBUG - QMake",
"appliesTo": "/",
"type": "launch",

  "command": "${env.QT_64_BIT_PATH}\\bin\\qmake.exe",
  "args": [
  "env": {
    "VSCMD_DEBUG": "20",
    "VSCMD_START_DIR": "${workspaceRoot}\\..\\bin_debug_win64_msvc"
  "workingDirectory": "${workspaceRoot}\\..\\bin_debug_win64_msvc"


The VS command line tools are run before the command, I can see the debug output of vscmd. But the host/target is being set to x86 no matter what. I have tried to manually add things like VSCMD_ARG_HOST_ARCH/VSCMD_ARG_TGT_ARCH to environment, but it gets overwritten. I can see in debug output that the vscmd is ran without any argument and thus picking x86 as default. What do I have to set in tasks.vs.json to make it pass "-x64" and "-vcvars_ver=14.29" arguments to the tools init script?

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  1. Jaroslav Smid 1 Reputation point

    I did some more digging and I think I finally figured it out:
    Setting up "customLaunchCommand" seems to suppress default behavior of running command line tools by visual studio and I can point it to VS tools bat file and using "customLaunchCommandArgs" I can pass required arguments to it. I will then end up with correct x64 native compiller.
    Thank you for your time and answers that eventually led me to figuring this out.

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