Cant close teams window

Lukas Kohler 21 Reputation points

I'm running NixOS and i3 in xfce. The teams window can not be closed/quit. This is very annoying. I would expect it should be possible to kill the window, and just keeping the toolbar icon.

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  1. Marian Javorka - MSFT 936 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Thank you for the feedback @Lukas Kohler . We have an in-app setting for this behaviour, kindly please check my answer to similar question here

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  2. JimmyYang-MSFT 49,886 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi LukasKohler!
    Does this issue persist all the time?
    I still confused about this issue. Do you mean you want to close only Teams window and not stop Teams program? Or you close Teams window several times but client never responds? Or you want to quit Teams application completely?
    Based on my knowledge, Teams for Linux can support these distros(Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Fedora 30, RHEL 8, CentoOS 8). I did a test in these environment and it works well.

  3. Tiziano Müller 1 Reputation point

    I see the same problem with LXQt and the i3 window manager on Arch Linux. The Teams window opens but then ignores all windows controls, meaning that neither minimize nor maximize nor close work.
    In my i3 configuration I've set all Teams windows to float:

    for_window [ class="^Microsoft Teams" ] floating enable

    Please note: i3 is a tiling window manager and therefore I wouldn't expect minimize to work. Maximize on the other hand should work as should close.

    Also, when trying to close for the first time I get a notification popup stating that Teams will continue to run in the background, so the events from the close button are handled, but the window does not close.

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  4. yrogory 1 Reputation point

    issue still persists in teams 1.4.0
    are you working on a fix ?

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  5. Doug 1 Reputation point

    I believe this behavior happens in tiling window managers in general. I use bspwm, can't close or minimize the window (I don't really expect maximize to work in a twm). The comment by @Marian Javorka - MSFT solved the issue related to being able to close the application window.

    To make the Teams window disappear in bspwm, I used a bspwm command to hide a window, taken from here: The tray icon stays in the tray. Unfortunately, you have to remember that the window is hidden, otherwise it will not open again by using the Open option in the tray icon or trying to open the Teams app again.

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