Is there a way to disable the script confirmation popup the appears everytime I click on a button?

Wilmer Torrez 16 Reputation points

I create a simple file and I was trying to automate some processes and I notice that every time I click on the Script button it shows me a popup on the right side that says script run status, its annoying to see that everytime I click on the button. How do I desable that?

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  1. Nancy Wang 116 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi David and Doug,

    We've recently transitioned the status pane into a status bar at the top of the Excel workbook - this change has been fully released to Excel users who use Office Scripts on their web browser, and we're in the process of implementing it for desktop as well.

    Thanks for your feedback and I hope this helps!



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  2. Nancy Wang 116 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Wilmer Torrez ! Member of the Office Scripts team here. Though there's no current way to disable the popup, we recognize that popup is annoying to see every time and our team is actively investigating improvements. Thanks for trying our feature and bearing with us while this investigation is happening.

    We really appreciate you sharing this feedback! If you have additional feedback on the script buttons experience or Office Scripts overall please feel encouraged to send that to our team by going to the Help tab in your Excel workbook and selecting "Feedback".


  3. 22610899 0 Reputation points

    Please can you create an option to disable the yellow status bar at the top of the worksheet when running office scripts code. it really is an eyesore and detracts from otherwise brilliant feature. This doesn't happen when running vba macros and I would like to be able to achieve the same behaviour.

    I do apologize if there is already a way to do this. I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

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  4. ch centralmail 0 Reputation points

    yes me too, please just give us an "off" switch. We do not want ANY of the status information.

    Do like the scripts idea, but cannot use it with this break in our workflow and attention.


  5. GEORGES Paul 0 Reputation points


    I 200% agree with this comment - it is quite annoying not being able to disable the status bar.

    I'm developping an excel file for my compagny where users will have to click on a button to run a script.

    It will be anoying for them to get this status bar everytime they click on this button.

    I moved my macro VBA into Office Script and it will be a shame to downgrade the user experience.

    If anyone find a workround please share ;)

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