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Rohit Kulkarni 686 Reputation points

Hello Team,

I need to change the DB Owners Name(Windows NT).But i am not seeing the name of the person in the below mentioned screenshot :

Please advise how to make to display the name of the person.



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  1. Tom Phillips 17,716 Reputation points

    You normally do not change the owner. It is best if you leave the db owner to always be "sa".

    What is the reason you want to change the database owner?

  2. Erland Sommarskog 102.3K Reputation points

    To change the database owner, use this command:


    Then you don't have to worry about the UI.

    But as I said in my reply to Tom, the best is to create an SQL login which exists solely to own that database and do not grant that login any permissions.

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  3. Seeya Xi-MSFT 16,451 Reputation points

    Hi @Rohit Kulkarni ,

    Agree with Erland.
    BTW, if the modification is successful through tsql, then pay attention to check whether the version of SSMS is too low(GO SSMS->Navigation Bar->Help->About). If yes, please install the latest SSMS.

    Best regards,

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  4. Erland Sommarskog 102.3K Reputation points

    Previously it was created the WINDOWS_NT User.The person now left the company.

    Yes, having an individual as the owner of a database is a very bad idea. Exactly for the reason you mention.

    Can i go ahead and change it go sa.

    Again, I recommend that you create an SQL login with no other permissions to own that database.

    Is it going impact any where .Please advise.

    Maybe it will. Maybe it will not. In most cases, changing the owner of a database has no impact, but, yes there are situations where you could run into problems.

    This statement should return two zeroes:

    SELECT is_trustworthy_on, is_db_chaining_on 
    FROM   sys.databases 
    WHERE  name = 'theDB'

    If not, there are things to investigate.

    Furthermore, does this SELECT return more than one row:

    SELECT * FROM TheDB.sys.assemblies

    Again, this calls for further investigation.

    Also, was the current user a member of sysadmin, or a plain user?

    I cannot say that I have been able to think of everything that could possibly blow up, but generally the risk is reasonably low. In any case, you cannot keep the current situation, because it will be problematic when the user disappears out of the AD. So you will have no choice - and then be prepared to act if something pops up.