What Compatibility Levels will SQL Server 2022 support?

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What Compatibility Levels will SQL Server 2022 support? I know the Database CL will be 160 (new CL level) but what will be the supported CL's?
Judging by historic trend, looks like maybe CL 100 will be dropped for 2022?? That is my main concern.


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  1. Erland Sommarskog 87,916 Reputation points

    SQL 2022 is only in private preview right now, and testing on a current build of SQL 2022 would really say anything any way, since Microsoft may make decisions between now and the official release.

    However, I can still offer an answer from gut feeling and that is that compatibility level 100 will remain supported. With release of SQL 2008, Microsoft established that they would support two compat levels back. That introduced some problems when they released SQL 2012 and they no longer supported compat level 80, and moreover did not support reading backups from SQL 2000.

    As a consequence, SQL 2019 can read backups from SQL 2005 and later.

    When it comes to the compat level, they stayed with the policy for one more version, and SQL 2014 does not support compat level 100. But starting with the release of SQL 2016, they have not dropped any compat levels at all. My gut feeling is that this will not change.

    I'd be curious to know why you are anxious to have compat level 100 around?

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  1. Michael Taylor 41,766 Reputation points

    Since SQL 2022 is still in preview I think it is a little early to say affirmatively either way. However heuristics say it won't be supported. Based upon the compatibility certification docs it says that SQL is verified to support upgrades from older versions of SQL up to a point. SQL 2019, for example, supports SQL 2012+ so those would be in the compatibility matrix.

    SQL 2012 is supported through 12 July 2022 with extended security updates after that until 2025. SQL 2008 left extended support in 2019 which would have been right around when SQL 2019 was released so that was probably the last version to support the (now unsupported) SQL 2008 level. I would wager SQL 2022 will probably support 110+.

    The purpose of compatibility is to allow you to get your DB onto the newer server first and then test and fix issues before "switching it over" to the newer DB level in your production environment. It isn't designed for long-term compatibility. If you were to install this older DB level on SQL 2022 then it would be auto-updated to the newer compatibility level since the previous level wouldn't be supported.

    Between now and the release of SQL 2022 it might be a good idea to try to identify and resolve compatibility issues with SQL 2019 and get your DB upgraded. We went through this process across all our databases (we have a lot) and we only ran into a few index/query tuning issues that our DBA had to resolve. You have to do it at some point anyway.

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