Regional multi-service failover with Azure Traffic Manager

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We have a several services (API, Web APP, Config) that make up an application, deployed in multiple regions with failover in an Active/Passive (hot standby) fashion. Each of those services can be consumed independently and share underlying dataset. Any service failure in one region should initiate a failover to the secondary region for all those services.

How can we set up Azure Traffic manager profiles so an outage in any one of those services will fail over all services together the secondary region. Sort of grouping services that must failover together within a region. I don't see a way to accomplish this using nested profiles.

We have a workaround by creating traffic manager profiles for each service with multi-region endpoints, then set up an Azure function to respond to endpoint down alerts from any profiles to flip each profile/service to the secondary region.

Want to know if there is an easier way to do it, without having to route all traffic thru Azure.


Azure Traffic Manager
Azure Traffic Manager
An Azure service that is used to route incoming network traffic for high performance and availability.
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