Can not use eye tracking in hololens2

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Recently, I suffered a very confusing problem that I can not use eye tracking in hololens2 after i deploy the eye tracking default example given by Microsoft. The details are below.

My versions:
unity 2020.3.25
MRTK 2.73

I followed and finished the tutorial named "Eye tracking examples overview" and its link:
But after i deploy the example into hololens2, there is a gaze cursor, but it can not follow my eyes, instead it seems to follow my head. And i can control the cursor to locate at the planer with four scenes: "target selecting", "navigating", "TargetPosition" and "visualizer" and use my hand pinch to select "target selecting". Though it works, when i make the cursor on one of the targets(gemstones), the target can not rotate. Above things mean that all functions work except eye tracking.

In addition, when deploying successfully, there is a window writing "eye calibration rocks". I try to flip the visor up and down, but the calibration can not happen. If i try to return to "setting" to calibrate and after calibration, the example scene disappears and i have to deploy it again. Finally, it becomes an infinite cycle...

By the way, the example of running in unity is fine.

How can i use eye tracking on hololens2? Where is my mistake?

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    Hello, Welcome to Microsoft Q&A,

    The first thing we can check is the eye-tracking permission when starting the app on your HoloLens 2 for the first time. To use eye-tracking input, you can reset this in Settings → Privacy → Apps. Also, the eye-tracking system will not return any input if the user is not calibrated. You can find the eye calibration in the system settings: Settings > System > Calibration > Run eye calibration. For more information please see: Fallback when eye tracking isn't available

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  1. Django 11 Reputation points

    I just encountered a similar issue. Eye tracking works flawlessly when in I run my project in the Unity Editor(via Holographic Remoting) but doesn't do anything when I build and run on the HL2.
    Luckily Joost van Schaik made a post about this on this on his blog:

    In a nutshell, you don't only need set up your input profile for eye tracking, you also need to add an Eye Gaze Interaction Profile Porjects Settings -> XR Plug-in Management -> OpenXR -> Universal Windows Platform Settings tab -> Interaction Profiles

    I hope this helps.

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