Autotext being stripped in dotx templates on Sharepoint

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I'm having issues with AutoText when creating a new template on Sharepoint.

Steps to reproduce,

  1. Create a new .dotx template
  2. Save some text to AutoText (as part of the dotx template, not normal.dotm or building blocks.dotx)
  3. Save your .dotx
  4. Open a library in Sharepoint Online
  5. Select the "New" menu
  6. Select the "Add Template" button
  7. Add the .dotx created earlier as a template
  8. Create a new document from the .dotx
  9. Notice all the AutoText is gone

If you try and edit the dotx template in Sharepoint, the AutoText is there. If you try and create a new document from the .dotx template when its on your local machine in Step 3, the AutoText is there. It's only when you follow the 9 steps above does it fail and the AutoText is all stripped.

What is going wrong here?

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  1. answered 2022-02-13T17:48:55.373+00:00
    Charles Kenyon 1,401 Reputation points

    My understanding is that Templates on SharePoint do not behave the same as templates on your local computer or network. This is my understanding based on my reading in these help forums, not personal experience or training.

    Here is my article on templates (which does not cover this issue):
    Here is the complaint department:

    (Nothing posted in this forum reaches those who can make changes in SharePoint or Word.)