How do you add data from the database to the shared _Layout.cshtml in ASP.NET Core MVC (.NET 6) application?

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Hello, I have created a partial view, a base controller, tried out different functions. Every solution I have found is outdated.
Does anyone know how to do it now in ASP.NET Core .NET 6, MVC with Razor pages? I can't find the right documentation.
I have a menu in my _Layout.cshtml and want to display categories from database there, but the model is always NULL. I have no problem displaying the data in a different view, I just can't seem to add the model to the _Layout.cshtml.

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  1. Zhi Lv - MSFT 21,706 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @tma9 ,

    How do you add data from the database to the shared _Layout.cshtml in ASP.NET Core MVC (.NET 6) application?

    You can try to use a View Component to render the category.

    For example, we could refer to the following steps to display category in the MVC application layout page:

    1. Create new folder named ViewComponents. In this folder, create new class named CategoryViewComponent.cs as below:
      using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;  
      using WebApplication1.Data;  
      namespace WebApplication1.ViewComponents  
          [ViewComponent(Name ="Category")]  
          public class CategoryViewComponent:ViewComponent  
              private readonly ApplicationDbContext _context;  
              public CategoryViewComponent(ApplicationDbContext applicationDbContext)  
                  _context = applicationDbContext;  
              public async Task<IViewComponentResult> InvokeAsync()  
                  return View("Index", _context.Categories.ToList());  
    2. In Views folder, create new folders with path Views\Shared\Components\Category. In Category folder, create new folder named Index.cshtml:
      @model List<WebApplication1.Data.Category>  
          @foreach(var item in Model)  
    3. Invoke the view component in the _Layout.cshtml page:
      <div class="container">  
          <main role="main" class="pb-3">  
              @await Component.InvokeAsync("Category")  

    The file structure as below:


    Then, the result is like this:


    In Razor page application, use the same code and the file structure as below:


    Then, the result is like this:


    More detail information, you can also refer View Components in Razor Pages.

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