FsLogix Profile Not Loading for Users

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This one has been an on-going challenge for me to support almost monthly, but now I think it's got much more difficult.

Once in a while, I'll have a user profile not load when they're logging into Azure Virtual Machine. I would clean up their local profile, have them try again and it'll load properly.

This time, there are now like 8 users with profiles not loading through FSLogix. I've applied the same "fix" and nothing is working.

We're using Azure Files for the profile container.

What other things can I troubleshoot?

I have already tried this: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/fslogix-blog/why-my-fslogix-profile-is-not-being-created-or-loaded/ba-p/1303064

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    I was able to get all our affected users back online with their FSLogix profile, but this may not be a permanent fix to the underlying issue. We still do not know what the root cause is; why it's affecting only certain users not being able to log in with their FSLogix profile.

    What I did first was this: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/fslogix-blog/why-my-fslogix-profile-is-not-being-created-or-loaded/ba-p/1303064

    However, when he logs in, his profile is still not there. Which means, the link above may have fixed the temp profile issue, but now he's getting a new FSLogix profile instead of his original one. This can cause some confusion as the temp profile and a new FSLogic profile looks exactly the same.
    To test and make sure they are at least logging in with an FSLogix profile; I tested user AB, he logged in, and it showed that FSLogix profile was active, so he is no longer on a temporary profile. We have him created some test folders/files and add background image. Have him logged off, then log back in. All the changes were saved. Once this is confirmed, I go into the Azure fileshare, delete his VHD file, and then recover a previous backup of his VHD from the time it was working. After successfully recovering his working VHD file from a previous state, I have user AB log back in and now his original FSLogix profile loads correctly.