Mapping JUnit Published Test Results (Task) to a TestCase or TestPlan

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KIRKPATRICK, BRIAN 16 Reputation points

I want to link arbitrary, automated published test results to a TFS workitem artifact. End of story. I understand that this feature may not be available directly. However, via API, can we link published test results to a particular TestCase, TestSuite or TestPlan?

Not all of your customers use ONLY Visual Studio/MSBuild components as part of their pipeline. In heterogeneous environment, we must have the flexibility to combine tooling efficiently. Having the only choice/option for Automated Testing linkage occur only via Visual Studio appears quite short sighted when competing products allow this fairly out-of-the-box.

Your customers appear to be searching and asking for this capability. Please fix this or help us with guidance on how to implement.

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  1. answered 2020-08-24T08:14:21.92+00:00
    Tianyu Sun-MSFT 12,846 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    According to your description, since Azure DevOps and TFS are not supported in Microsoft Q&A forum, I recommend you redirect to Stack Overflow tagged with azure devops or Stack Overflow tagged with tfs, and then start a new thread there to seek for a more professional help.

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