How to include common XAML code in page? - cont.

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Hi Peter,

I follow your example to load XAML using Visual Studio 2017 (.net 4.6.1). The project is built without any problem, but the text "This is text for Page 1" does not showed up. Please tell me what is wrong with the following steps and if there is any step I missed. Thanks.

1, I copied and pasted all your code to my Page1.xaml and Page1.xaml.cs. Please check out the attachments.
2, I added an new item "XamlWithControls.xaml" under "pages" folder and tried both "Page" and "Resource" for "Build Action" of this XAML.

Thanks again.



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  1. DaisyTian-1203 11,506 Reputation points

    From your code, you need to do three things to read the XamlWithControls.xaml.

    1. Add the subfolder before XamlWithCotrols.xaml. get => (ContentControl)XamlReader.Load(new FileStream("pages/XamlWithControls.xaml", FileMode.Open));

    2.Make the XamlWithControls.xaml as Content for the Build Action
    3.[You missed this step]Choose Copy if newer/Copy always for Copy to Output Directiory.Reason: FileStream reads files in the bin\Debug folder under the current project when it using the relative path.

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  1. Peter Fleischer (Freelancer) 17,571 Reputation points

    Hi Jenny,
    if you put your XamlWithControls in subfolder you must read from subfolder:

    public ContentControl LoadedXaml
      { get => (ContentControl)XamlReader.Load(new FileStream("pages/XamlWithControls.xaml", FileMode.Open)); }

    You can download my demo here.