outlook error synchronizing folder 800ccc0e-0-0-430

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What can i do to resolve "Error synchronizing Folder" [800CCC0E-0-0-430] messages.
I have setup and Outlook account for my gmail.

I am Using Office 365

I get the following error.

15:05:50 Synchronizer Version 16.0.13029.20076
15:05:50 Synchronizing Mailbox 'myemailaddresss@Stuff .com'
15:05:50 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Inbox'
15:05:51 Error synchronizing folder
15:05:51 [800CCC0E-0-0-430]
15:05:51 Done

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Outlook Management
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  1. answered 2020-08-24T05:58:01.013+00:00
    Yuki Sun-MSFT 24,476 Reputation points

    Is your gmail account configured as IMAP in Outlook?
    Have you made any local changes in folder "Inbox" before the error occurred? If you have just created any subfolders under "Inbox", please try relocating the subfolders to make them at the same level as the inbox folder rather than within the inbox, then restart Outlook and see if there would be any improvement.

    Besides, based on my experience, IMAP synchronizing errors could be related to a misdirected rootdirectory for the mailbox. You can try setting the mailbox root path to "inbox":

    1. Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings, double click the gmail account.
    2. Click More Settings > Advanced, under Folders, set Root folder path: Inbox, click OK and then restart Outlook.

    If the issue persists, it's suggested to create a new Outlook profile via Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles > Add, then reconfigure your gmail account to see the result.

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  2. answered 2022-03-07T14:24:07.613+00:00
    Bret Marquardt 1 Reputation point

    I'm having the exact same problem with my iCloud account in Outlook. Your instructions here didn't work for me.

    I've also completely removed the account and then added it back
    and the problem persists.

    Not posting the screenshot because it is identical (except I am homing the icloud.com address is different :D )

  3. answered 2022-03-09T09:38:15.81+00:00
    Raymond Fekry 1 Reputation point

    1) Check in your gmail account if you have 2FA:

    • Open Gmail
    • Manage your google account (from the top right)
    • Select Security and check 2FA option.
    • If 2FA is on, then you need to generate an application password

    2) Generate application password for 2FA:

    • From the same security tab, select App Passwords
    • Login then select your OS and Application (Mail)
    • Copy the password

    3) Update the password in outlook

    • Open outlook -> File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings
    • In the popup, Double click on your account to edit it
    • Put the password which you copied from the previous step.

    Hope this helps :-)

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  4. answered 2022-05-26T03:39:51.52+00:00
    Philip nicoles 346 Reputation points

    Outlook error 800ccc0e is a censorious issue due to which your Outlook profile may get damaged. Below are the reasons this error occurs:

    • IMAP account has not synced correctly.
    • Presence of some Corrupt PST files in an Outlook profile.
    • Incorrect account settings.
    • Insufficient System storage.
    • Outlook PST file got oversized.

    Manual methods have failed to resolve the error, use Microsoft’s in-built Inbox Repair Tool to repair your corrupted PST file. Or, If your Outlook PST file got oversized, use any alternative tool to split the PST file. I found one reference link that helps you to understand how can use the tool to Split oversized PST files: https://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/182602-5-quick-fix-how-to-reduce-the-outlook-mailbox-size-pst

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  5. answered 2022-08-22T09:08:23.077+00:00
    dXine.co.za 1 Reputation point

    I have had the same problem several times, working through every fix and repair, I could find without much success. Annoying when your work comes via your mail. When an account is set up as an IMAP account working from Office 365, the .PST Outlook file fixes are irrelevant. The same rules do not apply. IMAP works from.OST files.

    Unless you know a little about IT, it may be best to ask your support team to do this since you are messing with system privileges.


    App permissions get corrupted over time. I don't know the exact reason. It is a Windows and Microsoft thing. The system limits Outlook access to Read and Write. I get this error every time the Outlook App has limited Permissions, usually after resetting system settings, re-install or repairing an Office365 installation, or Defender removing a virus from an email or the system.

    Change the Outlook Permissions to Full Access. If you are unsure where the outlook file is stored, properties in your shortcuts will reveal the location of the executable file.


    Run Outlook as Administrator. Remove the corrupted data file and mailbox settings from Outlook. Ensure you remove both Icloud files if you use iCloud as mail in Outlook. If you head to Files > Account Settings > Data Files, you will see them in the data files view.


    Restart Outlook. If you use iCloud to App to set up your mail, run the Icloud App, head to iCloud settings, and disable Outlook integration first. Apply the setting so that ICloud continues to disable any residual data files linking Outlook. Once the process completes, click the Integration button again, and Apply the setting. Allow it to set up the iCloud mail in Outlook after you have changed security privileges to full access.


    You use the same method for any other mail setup, except that you will add mail accounts to Outlook instead of using the ICloud accounts.

    Make sure you run security software. Running Outlook with full access and admin rights will allow it to potentially store attachments on your system that you don't want, especially if you are prone to receiving phishing emails with .HTML files or scripting files attached. Running reliable and stable antiviral and spyware protection can spare you from a lot of damage. Plain old Defender is pretty good, but it is wise to occasionally run a SpyHunter and malware or PUP (Potentially Unwanted Software) scanner on your system.

    Large file sizes can become an issue using POP3 .PST files. You can create a default .PST file and drag messages from your online mail to keep an offline copy for IMAP accounts if you are working from it.OST files, which may result in a very large .PST file. When the .PST files get too big, it can also cause systems to crash.

    Use mail archiving software like MailStore Home, a free app, to create a full offline mail archive and keep your .PST file size to a minimum if your problem relates to .PST file sizes in Outlook365. Maybe it is just me, but I find Outlook365 struggles when you have too many old emails in the data files. It can happen if you receive thousands of emails, junk mail, and large file attachments. It is for personal use only, and you can store the mail archive offline on a portable disk since there is a portable version.

    For business use, MailStore Server is paid same software function but with a lot more capabilities for server storage and archiving of mail. However, it may keep Outlook running better, and you can still access all your old mail and restore messages to Outlook if you feel like it.

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