Access denied to first party service.

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Service request failed.
Status: 403 (Forbidden)

{"error":{"code":"Forbidden","message":"Access denied to first party service.\r\nCaller: name=from-infra;tid=f8cdef31-a31e-4b4a-93e4-5f571e91255a;appid=872cd9fa-d31f-45e0-9eab-6e460a02d1f1;iss=\r\nVault: devKeyvaultU;location=eastus","innererror":{"code":"AccessDenied"}}}

Pragma: no-cache
x-ms-keyvault-region: eastus
x-ms-request-id: REDACTED
x-ms-keyvault-network-info: conn_type=Ipv4;addr=;act_addr_fam=InterNetwork;
Strict-Transport-Security: REDACTED
X-Content-Type-Options: REDACTED
Cache-Control: no-cache
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2020 17:58:58 GMT
X-AspNet-Version: REDACTED
X-Powered-By: REDACTED
Content-Length: 333
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Expires: -1

1h 16m 54s

Azure Key Vault
Azure Key Vault
An Azure service that is used to manage and protect cryptographic keys and other secrets used by cloud apps and services.
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  1. brucezcsi 26 Reputation points

    Looks like it has bugs on DefaultAzureCredential class, especially the VisualStudioCredential class being used internally. According to, I replaced the DefaultAzureCredential with ChainedTokenCredential, the key value secret was successfully retrieved.

    Sample code:
    var cred = new ChainedTokenCredential(new ManagedIdentityCredential(), new AzureCliCredential());
    SecretClient client = new SecretClient(new Uri(keyvaultUri), cred);
    Response<KeyVaultSecret> secret = await client.GetSecretAsync("kv-sec-test");

    For using AzureCliCredential, login with azure cli is required. The details can be found in above link.

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  2. Justin Griep 41 Reputation points

    I had this same error message when trying to deploy a Cloud Service (Extended Support) which tied the web role to a key vault. I was able to solve the issue by upgrading Visual Studio from 16.9.2 to 16.9.6. This may relate to more key vault access issues than the one I was having and hope this helps someone else out.

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