Getting all automainton account names of a tenant

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Is there any way that i could get all automation account names of our tenant by a script? I am a global admin of the tenant.


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Azure Automation
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  1. Andreas Baumgarten 98,621 Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Jafari, shahab ,

    this should be possible with this PowerShell command:

    Get-AzAutomationAccount -ResourceGroupName "xyz"  

    You need to have the AZ module installed.
    If you have automation accounts in different Resource Groups you might to get the Resource Groups first and use a for-each-Object around. This should look like this:

    Get-AzResourceGroup | ForEach-Object {  
      Get-AzAutomationAccount -ResourceGroupName $_.ResourceGroupName }  

    [Update 2/27/2022] I just learned it's even more simple, because Get-AzAutomationAccount doesn't require the Resource Group Name. Thanks to @tbgangav-MSFT

    Just run this and you get all Automation Accounts:



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    Andreas Baumgarten

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