Date entered as 1/1/2001 is showing on the report as 00/01/2001

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I've got a parameter for my SSRS report where the person will enter a date to pull back all data after that date. I want to be able to show that date in the report header so people know how the report was run.

When I enter something like 1/1/2001, or even 10/1/2001, it displays on the report as 00/01/2001.

Here is the code for formatting the report header field:

="Project ECP CAO_DueDate >= " + Format(Parameters!begindate.Value , "mm/dd/yyyy")

I'm pretty sure I had the same problem trying to use Cast instead of Format.

As a parameter to use for filtering, it is working. Seems to be anyway.

Any ideas?

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  1. Dwight 1 Reputation point

    It wanted "MM/dd/yyyy" for the Format parameter. WTH?

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  2. Joyzhao-MSFT 15,566 Reputation points

    Hi @Dwight ,
    It's because mm is for minutes, not months. See more: Class SimpleDateFormat.

    In C# and VB.NET, it's a case sensitive especially to format the Month or Minutes. Because initial character of both the words is same.

    The following detail may help you in formatting the date & time.

    1. d/D: day without 0 prefix on single digit.   
    2. dd/DD: day with 0 prefix if single digit.  
    3. M: Month without 0 prefix on single digit.  
    4. MM: Month with 0 prefix if single digit.  
    5. yy/YY: Last two digit of year.  
    6. yyyy/YYYY: represents full year.  
    7. HH: 24 hour based hour. ie. 13:00. **H** will display hour without prefix 0 if single digit  
    8. hh: 12 hour based hour. ie. 01:00. **h** will display hour without prefix 0 if single digit  
    9. m: minute without 0 prefix on single digit. minute with 0 prefix if single digit.  
    11.s: second without 0 prefix on single digit. second with 0 prefix if single digit. represent the AM or PM  

    Best Regards,

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  3. Olaf Helper 41,331 Reputation points

    Format(Parameters!begindate.Value , "mm/dd/yyyy")

    Format parameters are case sensitive and lower mm is for minutes, while upper MM if for month.

    See => "mm" / "MM"

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