When creating a flow between Forms and Outlook, Power automate recognize only my deleted forms.

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I want to automaticaly send an outlook event to the people who register to our corporate event so they do not forget it.

In the very first step, when i choose the "When a new request is submitted", only my deleted forms appear in the list. So i can not selecte the form i just made.

I have tried two things to go around this:

  • write the name of the forms directly --> not recognized
  • write the URL of the form --> not recognised
    and this message appear : "Échec de l’enregistrement du flux avec le code « DynamicOperationRequestClientFailure » et le message « La demande d’opération dynamique à l’opération « GetQuestions » d’API « microsoftforms » a échoué avec le code d’état « BadRequest ». Cela peut indiquer des paramètres d’entrée non valides. Réponse d’erreur : The form ID in request URL is invalid. »."

Which connexion have i missed ?

Thank you for ant help you can give me.

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