Help how to implement Database Design Inventory with FIFO

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I like to doing a project on Inventory with FIFO,
can anyone give me idea on how to doing inventory with FIFO in database design?

Currenty I have this table

  1. Product (ProductID, ProductName)
  2. Purchase (PurchaseID, ProductID, Quantity, UnitPrice, SubTotal)
  3. Sold (SoldID, ProductID, Quantity,UnitPrice, Subtotal)

Somehow, i do not know how or way to tracking Inventory with FIFO using this table above, does i make a new table for FIFO tracking, or new database Design idea

can anyone help?

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  1. Naomi 7,361 Reputation points

    You can have a new Stock table (LastQuantity, ProductID, CurrentPrice, Margin) and use triggers on both tables to update that table. That would make FIFO simple.

    I worked on FIFO problem a while back and found it to be quite complex. My article on this topic

    More interesting article

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  2. Olaf Helper 41,571 Reputation points

    See => Inventory for some examples.

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