500 error on login to outlook.office365.com X-Redir-Error

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I have 2 users who is getting a 500 error while logging in to Office365 with a valid account using different browsers (Chrome and Edge) and different PC.
users can access via outlook client, only webmail is not working.

Other users aren't impact actually.

The only difference is this 2 users are "admin"

in Admin center OWA is Enable
Hybride : users was migrated from on-premise to Exchange Online, they work perfectly from 1 month ago
AD sync is ok

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  1. finova-Johnny 36 Reputation points

    I found that :

    TuanPhamMinh-8038 answered • Jun 24 2021 at 8:37 AM | SvendatLink-0906 commented • Oct 22 2021 at 2:57 AM

    If your user is assigned too many roles, the Office portal can lose its cool and get into an endless redirect loop. By ‘too many roles’, I mean your Microsoft 365 user account has been assigned too many admin roles. Fortunately, this is an easy issue to resolve — depending upon how your Microsoft 365

    Click ‘Manage roles’ under the heading ‘Roles’
    Remove all admin roles other than ‘Global Administrator’ and click ‘Save changes’

    this has resolved the issue. It appears that the older Office 365 admin user accounts had as many as 40+ admin roles. Once I removed all of these roles (except the Global Admin) role, I was able to assign all of the new 7 admin roles, to give the user full admin access.

    it made my day


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    Hi @finova-Johnny

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    [500 error on login to outlook.office365.com X-Redir-Error - Summary]

    Issue Symptom:
    Two admin users failed to access o365 OWA and get 500 error, while they can successfully using outlook client.

    (Possible) Cause:
    The admin user is assigned too much roles and permission.
    If your user is assigned too many roles, the Office portal can lose its cool and get into an endless redirect loop.

    Remove all unnecessary admin roles other than ‘Global Administrator’ and other roles you needed and click ‘Save changes’

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  3. Robert Lindblad 1 Reputation point

    This solution did not work for me, having the same problem. I opened my profile in Outlook 365 admin center, and I only had the Global Administrator role.

    I'm trying to access a certain team-calendar. It is a team that we recently started to use, so I'm basically alone in the team, building the Sharepoint site at the moment. But trying to access the calendar fails.

    Are there any other suggestions?

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