ZoomIt: how to get from Live Zoom Mode to drawing and back to Live Zoom seamlessly (plus: without losing mouse cursor)?

Thomas Pöhler 6 Reputation points

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but it seems as if it is not possible to get to drawing mode from Live View mode, stop drawing mode nad get back to Live View Mode directly.

After the drawing I have to Zoom out and zoom into Live View Mode again, which is a bit confusing when presenting. On top of that I lose my mouse cursor after drawing (when toggling so I am forced to get into Live View Mode to get the mouse cursor back.

Please bear with my not so perfect English.I hope I have explained the problem reasonably understandable.

BTW: I am using ZoomIt v4.5 with
Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H1
OS system build 19043.1526

Windows 10
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  1. Limitless Technology 44,016 Reputation points

    Hi @Thomas Pöhler

    Since the mechanisms to troubleshoot a presentation and application layer of a 3rd party tool such as Zoom or ZoomIt are related with the application software used to provision it, you should consult with Zoom forums or support regarding the issue related to the different modes and overlay.

    Hope this helps with your query,

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  2. Andreas Baumgarten 98,626 Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Thomas Pöhler ,

    the latest version of ZoomIt is the 5.10: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/zoomit

    Maybe you like to try the latest version if the issue still exists.


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    Andreas Baumgarten

  3. Thomas Pöhler 6 Reputation points

    Hi @Limitless Technology ,

    thanks for your feedback. I haven't found a special forum for the ZoomIt tool, but I thought I was posting my question into the forum "windows-sysinternals-misc-utilities". Seems as if it didn't work out as intended. Sorry!

    But honestly I don't know how to get my question into the proper forum... I visited this URL: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/topics/windows-sysinternals-misc-utilities.html (which seems to be the proper forum for Sysinternal's ZoomIt)

    ...and then clicked on [Ask a question]. So I have assumed that my question would be posted into this forum. Now I don't know how I can fix it...

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  4. Thomas Pöhler 6 Reputation points

    Hi @Andreas Baumgarten ,

    thanks for the information about the latest version. Unfortunately the issue still exists, but anyway it's good to hvae done the update.


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