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I would like to proceed moderated mail using Graph API.

I refered the url for it below.

It is working to approve or reject moderated mail. But I don't know how to check the mail was approved or rejected.

I tried to find some flag value to distinguish it, but i couldn't.

I would like to display the mail was approved or rejected in my application like Micosoft 365 Mail.


please give me some guide.

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  1. Glen Scales 4,431 Reputation points

    That information comes from 3 extended properties that are set on the message eg


    So you can use a patch to update those properties yourself eg

    User-Agent: GraphBasicsPs101  
    Content-Type: Application/json  
    Content-Length: 922  
        "singleValueExtendedProperties":  [  
                                                  "id":  "String {41F28F13-83F4-4114-A584-EEDB5A6B0BFF} Name ApprovalDecisionMaker",  
                                                  "value":  "Dave Dobbin"  
                                                  "id":  "SystemTime {41F28F13-83F4-4114-A584-EEDB5A6B0BFF} Name ApprovalDecisionTime",  
                                                  "value":  "2022-03-03T10:52:57.3068905+11:00"  
                                                  "id":  "Integer {41F28F13-83F4-4114-A584-EEDB5A6B0BFF} Name ApprovalDecision",  
                                                  "value":  "1"  

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  1. Glen Scales 4,431 Reputation points

    Which email are you looking at ? these properties are valid on the approval request email (eg the one you show in your screenshot) so it would tell you whether that approval request was approved or rejected. On the actual message that goes to the user it doesn't tell you, from a user perspective they don't know that moderation has occurred