Azure Cognitive Services Speaker Identification problem ResultReason.Canceled

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Hi all,

I am trying out Azure's Speaker Identification (and also Verification).
I was able to Enroll with all VoiceProfileTypes speakers, so lets say, that one is working. I am also able to use the Verification (with a given profile ID + type + same passphrase), then it returns with an EnrolledSpeaker. So this should be fine as well.

However, I can not make the TextIndependentIdentification work.
If I have two different profiles and I am using this code:

var model = SpeakerIdentificationModel.FromProfiles(profiles);
Console.WriteLine("Speak some text to identify who it is from your list of enrolled speakers."); 
var result = await speakerRecognizer.RecognizeOnceAsync(model);

The ResultReason is Canceled. Allways. It doesn't matter who is speaking or for how long or what. The details are:
Bad request (400), Profile is not enrolled. But it is, for sure.

Is there anyone who had the same problem before?

I am using 1.20 API and C# .NET 6.0 WPF.

Kind regards,

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