ADR Package growing !!!

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I have an ADR:

But why do I still have 2018 updates (4 years ago in the package)? the package is 80 GB!!


Microsoft Configuration Manager
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  1. Jason Sandys 31,176 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    But why do I still have 2018 updates (4 years ago in the package)?

    Because there's no mechanism to remove unexpired updates from a package. Do not confuse the package with a deployment group, they are two completely different things and are not specifically linked.

    If you want to remove these older updates from the package, you can easily go into the package and manually remove them ensuring you only remove those that are not deployed (there's a column for that in the package view so this is easily done). However, how do you know nothing will ever need these updates again? How do you know an admin won't remove one of these older security updates? Why is 80GB a big deal? Assuming you are using cheap storage (which you 100% should be for content storage in ConfigMgr) this is like $100 of disk space (if that even) so removing them has no benefit except to slow the process down if one of these updates is ever needed again.

    I do strongly recommend that you revise your ADR though. Here's an older blog of mine where I cover my recommended "starting point" for ADRs:

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  1. Amandayou-MSFT 11,051 Reputation points

    Hi @Duchemin, Dominique ,

    I check it in my environment, actually, the ADR is dynamic.

    Please check if the named 2018 01 software update deployment has the update which released or revised last 1 month, for example, 1/13/2022. If not, it is normal. We could create the appropriate updates in a new deployment package, please find it in other ADR.


    If the update of the most recent month is in ADR, it maybe something wrong with ADR, we could rerun the ADR, and click the tab of preview to check what the updates are available.


    If it is not normal, we could recreate the ADR, and check the ruleengine.log to see if any error in it.

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  2. Duchemin, Dominique 2,006 Reputation points


    Yes the latest Software Updates are in the ADR and Package 03/02/2022 are already in...

    When running the preview on the ADR it contains only the current month which is what is expected.

    What should be in the ADR? All Software Updates or only the current month seen in the preview?
    Should I create a new package each time? (1) or (2) ?

    If I select (1) how do I cleanup the content of the package?
    If I select (2) what should I do with the previous month package?


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  3. Duchemin, Dominique 2,006 Reputation points

    Thanks Jason will review your blog.


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