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I have a unique situation where we need to enable remote audio playback via RDP sessions (windows 10 client, windows 2019 server) to play on the target RDP server. We are running some streaming software that experiences an audio disconnect when the RDP session is ended. Problem seems to be that the RDP client needs to be configured to force the configuration (e.g., set it once and have it set for all future sessions going forward). I don't see a way to do this via GPO or anything so probably a shot in the dark here as well, but if there was a way to create a GPO policy for example that would force all client rdp sessions to play audio on the remote RDP server, that could help us with this.

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    There is no such GPO to force the remote audio play on the remote computer.

    But you can configure the setting in the rdp file and always use this rdp file to connect to the remote server.

    1. Save a rdp file
    2. Ope the rdp file using notepad and set "audiomode:i:1"
      • 0: Play sounds on the local computer (Play on this computer)
      • 1: Play sounds on the remote computer (Play on remote computer)
      • 2: Do not play sounds (Do not play)
    3. Save the file and use it for remote connection.

    For your reference:

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