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I have written an app that makes extensive use of custom right-click menus on an Access form. The code works great and the user loves it, but lately I am having trouble making it work properly.

In earlier versions of Access it worked well, but newer version seem much more limited in how many items can be put in such menus. The documentation is silent on the matter, and nobody in any newsgroup has had any useful ideas, but I regularly get random error about stack space, out of memory, and general lockups when populating the menus. Doing a C&R used to help, but now even that is not enough, and some menus I can no longer populate at all.

I tried building an app that just built menus until it crashed, to get some idea of what the limits may be, and I am well below what that indicated, but the experimental app had nothing else, while the real app has a great deal else.

Is there any information on how much stuff can be put into these menus, and what the menus share space with? There may be something I can do another way to make more room for the menus. I tried moving all code out of the form, leaving only event stubs that called routines in standard code modules, but that did not help.

And how are they stored/activated? The app is MUCH slower to load when it has these menus, even though no code is running on start-up.

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    Really? Nobody knows anything about using these?

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