Can use System.Text.Json in C++/CLI project?

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I'm a new programmer in C++/CLI , I want to using json library .

MS said that System.Text.Json is faster than Newtonsoft .

I install System.Text.Json by NuGet , than try this code :

auto jdoc= System::Text::Json::JsonDocument::Parse(jsonstr, System::Text::Json::JsonDocumentOptions());

But compiler report Error C2079 'System::Buffers::ReadOnlySequence::Enumerator::_sequence' uses undefined class 'System::Buffers::ReadOnlySequence'

It seem that ReadOnlySequence class had not been defined .

I think maybe System.Memory library need update, than install System.Memory 4.5.4 , but the compiler error still exist.

Even I write a ReadOnlySequence instance :

System::Buffers::ReadOnlySequence<unsigned char> testseq;

Also get the compiler error C2079 'System::Buffers::ReadOnlySequence::Enumerator::_sequence' uses undefined class 'System::Buffers::ReadOnlySequence'

Is there any solution ?

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