VM on DC2sv3 failed do remote attestation

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I setuped a VM by using confidential computing resource DC2sv3 and install Ubuntu20.04LTS Gen2 on it. I also installed Azure DCAP Client on it. According to link below. DCsv3 can only access the Intel attestation certificate via THIM.

In order to test if the VM can do remote attestation, I install Openenclave following the instruction below.

I can run local attestaion without error. But I got the error message when I can runsgxremote. Please advise what is wrong with it. Thanks...

Yang Hong

/opt/openenclave/share/openenclave/samples/attestation$ make runsgxremote
host/attestation_host sgxremote ./enclave_a/enclave_a.signed ./enclave_b/enclave_b.signed
Host: Creating two enclaves
Host: Enclave library ./enclave_a/enclave_a.signed
Enclave1: *../common/crypto.cpp(80): mbedtls initialized.
Host: Enclave successfully created.
Host: Enclave library ./enclave_b/enclave_b.signed
Enclave2: *
../common/crypto.cpp(80): mbedtls initialized.
Host: Enclave successfully created.
Host: environment variable SGX_AESM_ADDR is set

Host: ********** Attest enclave_a to enclave_b **********

Host: Requesting enclave_b format settings
Enclave2: ***../common/dispatcher.cpp(80): get_enclave_format_settings
Host: Requesting enclave_a to generate a targeted evidence with an encryption key
Enclave1: **../common/dispatcher.cpp(139): get_evidence_with_public_key
Enclave1: **../common/attestation.cpp(94): oe_serialize_custom_claims
Enclave1: **../common/attestation.cpp(105): serialized custom claims buffer size: 121
Enclave1: **../common/attestation.cpp(121): oe_get_evidence failed.(OE_NOT_FOUND)
Enclave1: **../common/dispatcher.cpp(159): get_evidence_with_public_key failed
Host: get_evidence_with_public_key failed. OE_OK
Host: attestation failed with 1
Host: Terminating enclaves
Enclave1: ../common/crypto.cpp(94): mbedtls cleaned up.
Host: Enclave successfully terminated.
Enclave2: *
../common/crypto.cpp(94): mbedtls cleaned up.
Host: Enclave successfully terminated.
Host: failed
make: *** [Makefile:27: runsgxremote] Error 1

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  1. vipullag-MSFT 25,041 Reputation points

    @Yang Hong

    I see you have reported this issue on GitHub #4404. As the product team is actively engaged on GitHub for this issue, I am posting that link here for benefit of community.


    Once the issue is resolved you can post the resolution for benefit of community.

    Hope that helps.

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