Windows Assessment Console fails to perform "Boot performance (Full Boot)" job

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Dear MS WAC tool team,

we are trying to run a individual assessment called "Boot performance (Full Boot)" from your tool Windows Assessment Console, from Windows ADK.
These assessments are performed on Win10 21H1 (vanilla MS version), and also on Win11. We found that sometimes the job may stop randomly during the whole process : it always hang at iteration 2...after waiting few hours until the iteration times out.

Sometimes we are also successful into running this assessment. I managed to get some additional log details with the /DisplayLog hint, and it shows following error message :

‎2/‎8/‎2022 12:46:56 PM ERROR 0X8007000E: ADK14C38F13555F0 (0) - Error code: 0x8007000e Not enough memory resources are available to complete this operation.

No need to say that all devices have at least 16GB RAM, and 400GB free disk space... ;-). Problem does not seem to be dependent of the hardware : we have the issue on Lenovo, Dell or HP laptops. Myself, I could not repro this issue on HyperV VMs, but this might be just a coincidence...

After analyzing the WAC tool with WPR during the iteration 2, I could understand that AXE.EXE process runs FAS.EXE, which in turn runs "rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTask". The "tasks scheduled to run during idle state" seem to run (like defrag.exe...), but I then noticed there is often some remaining TiWorker.exe or TrustedInstaller.exe suddenly trying to update some stuff on the OS,...and it takes few minutes until these processes disappear from themselves. I don't get why it is so, as we are 200% sure that we performed all updates thru Windows Update (it says there are no updates needed, drivers are all up-to-date, Autologon is enabled as required). I had a look inside c:\windows\logs\CBS\cbs.log, but I could not find anything obvious (I do not have enough knowledge about this log file). It does not seem to work better when the network is disconnected.

We already opened a Premier support ticket, the engineer tried her best to repro the issue, but failed to do that and advised us to post in this forum.

I have the feeling that the tool simply wait for a global lock to be released from something (from the ProcessIdleTask stuff?), but it never happens so, so it fails to continue the assessment.

Would someone from MS maybe provide us some hints on why the iteration 2 is failing, as I could not find any valuable infos in the logs?


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