Replace Zendesk, and have emails routed to and from custom app directly

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I'll start by saying, I'm not technical!

We're exploring options for moving off Zendesk.

We are building a customer / customer service portal, and we're looking to route all communications through that.

  • Direct messages in portal between customers and CS
  • Call and text (already setup to do this via Twilio)
  • Email

Is there a way to make our custom app the interface to Outlook 365?

The ultimate goal is a single UI with all channels of comms from customers in a long list. And we can layer in our app-specific data, based on parsing contact details and reconciling to our DB.

Is this possible?

If so, where should my dev team start looking in terms of documentation?

Many thanks in advance!

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Microsoft Teams Development
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    We are excited to hear about your plan to build a customer/customer service portal.This platform will provide customers with a convenient way to communicate with your team and will enhance the overall customer experience. To ensure that all communications are properly routed through the portal,you can consider implementing an efficient routing system.This system should analyze the incoming messages and determine the appropriate agent or team to handle each communication.It can use various criteria such as the customer's preferences,the subject of the message,or the historical communication patterns to make routing decisions. By centralizing all communications through the portal,you can also collect valuable data that can be used to analyze customer needs,improve your products or services,and identify areas where further training or support is required for your agents.This data can also help you detect and address any common issues or pain points that customers may be experiencing. When selecting a customer service solution for your portal,it's important to consider factors like functionality,scalability,reliability,and cost.Udesk is a leading customer service platform that offers all these features and more.It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for managing customer interactions,automating workflows,and analyzing data.With Udesk,you can easily integrate with various communication channels,manage multiple teams,and ensure that all customer inquiries are promptly and professionally handled through your portal. To learn more about Udesk and its capabilities,we recommend scheduling a demo with their experts.This way,you can see how Udesk can help you achieve your customer service goals and enhance the overall customer experience on your portal.

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