Exchange 2010 - create connector to send mail from IP without password

Federico Coppola 1,106 Reputation points

I have a Microsoft Exchange 2010 server on premise inside company.
I have a little NAS device to storage backup and I would send mail from it to alert me about error.

I am not expert about Exchange and I have never used Exchange 2010 (I usually use Exchange Office365 or Exchange 2013/2016 on premise).

I have seen that there is a "SMTP-OUT" send connector that users are actually using.
I would create just another for a NAS without impact actual user activity.

Do I create a second SMTP connector using different "cost"?

Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. Andy David - MVP 110.7K Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Federico Coppola
    Are you trying to send an email alert to that Exchange 2010 server?
    If so, it should just work by default. Or have you attempted it already and its not working?

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  2. Lucas Liu-MSFT 6,076 Reputation points

    Hi @Federico Coppola ,

    1. Based on my knowledge, when you send mail, if there is an applicable send connector in the Exchange organization, it will be used and sent by default.
    2. Have you tried to send a test email and see if it can be sent successfully and the recipient can receive it? If the recipient did not receive the mail, you could run the first command line below to view the transport queue information. If you see message stuck in the queue for the next hop domain, you could run the second command line below to check the "LastError" attribute of the queued messages, which will often contain a status code that will tell you why the message are not being delivered.If there are any errors, please share with us, it should be that hide your private information. Get-queue
      Get-queue | Get-Message | fl

    3.You could following the steps to create a send connector in Exchange 2010.

    1. Open Exchange Server Management Console and Expand the Organization Configuration node from the left side pane.
    2. Click Hub Transport, and then click the Send Connectors Tab,right-click Hub Transport and select New Send Connector.
    3. The New Send Connector wizard will open on the Introduction page, you will need to give the Send Connector a name and then select its type.
    4. On the Address Space page,Configure the destination domains that the Send connector is responsible for.
    5. On the Network Settings page, Configure how the Send connector routes mail: by using DNS or by automatically forward all mail to a smart host.
    6. On the Source Server page, your Hub Transport Sever will be automatically selected.
    7. Finally you will successfully create a send connector.
      For more information you could refer to : How To Create a Send Connector in Exchange Server 2010

    In addition, Exchange 2010 will end support on October 3, 2020. I suggest you upgrade Exchange Server to a higher version as soon as possible.
    For more information you could refer to: Exchange 2010 end of support roadmap

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