-1 enttry in first row

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Hi Expert,

How to add -1 entry in first row in auto incremental column like this
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[main6](
[oid][int] identity(1,1) not NULL,
[UNIT1] [int] NULL,
[quantity] [int] NULL,
[SaleDateId] [date] NULL,
[cash] [int] NULL

the column oid is auto incremental . how to add first row as -1 entry in the table for oid

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    To start oid from -1, try this statement:

    CREATE TABLE [dbo].[main6] (
       [oid] int identity(-1,1) NOT NULL,
       . . .

    If you want to insert -1 into an existing table, then try this:

    set identity_insert main6 on
    insert into main6 (oid) values (-1)
    set identity_insert main6 off
    select top(10) * from main6 order by oid

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