Bitlocker Decryption Percentage Status.

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We have came across a requirement to disable bitlocker in USB drive programatically in a application ,it can be achieved by using powershell commands <Disable-BitLocker -MountPoint "C:"> , but the issue here is to show the decryption in progress status bar during disabling bitlocker and decrypting the contents inside it.

From the currently derived info it shows that , while we are locking a drive using bitlocker , it only encrypt the used space inside the drive Foreg: In a 30GB drive we have used 15GB space and while enabling bitlocking mechanism to the drive it only encrypt the 15 GB contents and during decrypting the drive the status of decryption shows from 50 % to 1% as the percentage decreases as the drive is decrypted completely.

Currently we are using the commands <manage-bde –status C:> and <Get-BitLockerVolume -MountPoint "E:"> to find the status of drive during decryption, both commands shows the percent to the totally occupied space and the percent shows decreasing as the drive completely decrypted.

Is there anyway to show the percentage of decryption with respect to the total size of the drive and status of decryption from 1- 100.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Windows Server PowerShell
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    Hello @Shijith_MS

    Unfortunately that is an expected behavior related to the data that the cmdlet is processing. While Encrypting, the system needs to scan all available space, meaning that it will count from 100%. During the action of decryption since the system has already an exact amount of the data encrypted will only show the progress in base to that data, and not the full drive.

    Hope this helps with your query,


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