How to set up ACPI debugging on Windows 11?

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Hello everyone,

I hope this is the correct place to ask my question.
I am trying to learn more about ACPI methods and events and wanted to see a list of events that are happening when I do a particular action on my laptop.
As far as I understand from the docs, the AMLI debugger can help me with that.
I downloaded and set up the WinDBG Preview from the Microsoft store (I am on Windows 11 Home) , however, I cannot use any of the AMLI commands.
For example, when I run !amli dl, I get the error:

failed to get the address of ACPI!gDebugger 0

From what I have gathered on the internet, I need a special version of the acpi.sys driver for this to work. Where do I get it from, or how do I resolve the problem if that is not the issue?

Thank you in advance.

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