Why is Azure AD B2C Password Reset flow throwing different error code than in documentation

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Azure AD B2C is throwing a different error code when the user clicks forgot password link than documented.

I'm using Azure B2C and implementing password reset. I'm using the password reset user flow to handle this, and the Sign up and sign in user flow for login.

The documentation says that when the user clicks the 'Forgot password' link, it should throw this error code: AADB2C90118 as shown in the image:

And according to the official Azure B2C error codes documentation, the error AADB2C90118 means:

The user has forgotten their password.

Which is the expected error code, but when using Phone/Email signup in local accounts in the Sign up and sign in user flow (as shown in the image)

I get a different error code, which is: AADB2C90037, and according to the error codes documentation, the error AADB2C90037 means:

An error occurred while processing the request. Please contact administrator of the site you are trying to access.

Which is not the error code that it should be throwing. Why, when using Phone/Email signup, B2C throws a different error code? Why does it throws a generic error code instead of the forgot password error code? Am I doing something wrong?

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Microsoft Entra External ID
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    Hi @Shweta Mathur ,

    Any news on this one? We have exactly the same issue in our app and are interested in what you have learnt from the team.