GPO Item level Target with LDAP Query to add part of the OU name as environment variable

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is it possible to use an ldap query with item level targeting to search for the computername, find the OU in which the computer accounts exists and then set part of the "OU name" (beginning to the first - (dash)) as an environment variable?

Computer name: VM01
OU in which the VM01 exists: deparment-org-city
Set "department" as environment variable in Windows?

I know you can filter for a value with item level targeting but I am not sure how to define the ldap query and use only the first part for the enviroment variable?

Thanks a lot for you help

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    It's possible only through Powershell because the value of environment variable is not static. Below a example of script that you can adapt it to create new environment variable:

    $DN_list = Get-ADComputer -Filter * | select -ExpandProperty DistinguishedName
    foreach($DN in $DN_list){
    $DN = $DN.Replace(",OU=","$")
    $DN = $DN.Split("$")
    $DN =$DN[1]
    $DN = $DN.Split("-")
    $DN = $DN[0]
    invoke-Command -ComputerName $computerName -ScriptBlock{$env:OU = $DN}

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