IAudioSessionManager2::RegisterSessionNotification() method not notifying on second time logoff and logon

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I am Programming a software which notifies on new session creation. On Logon of system, using RegisterSessionNotification() and on LogOff, using UnRegisterSessionNotification().

On first time Logoff and Logon, getting notification whenever there is a new session created with the help of OnSessionCreated(). Where as second time Logoff and LogOn, OnSessionCreated() is not triggered when new session is created or encountered. Please let me know if you need any other details.

IAudioSessionManager2::RegisterSessionNotification() method not notifying on second time logoff and logon. Where as it works perfectly(getting notification on new session) when first time logged off and logon to different user or same user in win 10. I am calling Registering and Unregistering in Service in LOGON and LOGOFF respectively.

Do I need to invoke some APIs before Unregistering or logoff second time. Please help.

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    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    According to the Doc: IAudioSessionManager2::RegisterSessionNotification method

    You must call IAudioSessionEnumerator::GetCount to begin receiving notifications. The session enumeration API discards new session notifications until the application has first retrieved the list of existing sessions. This is to prevent a race condition that can occur when a session notification arrives while the application using the session APIs is starting up. Calling GetCount triggers the enumeration API to begin sending session notifications.

    I suggest you could refer to the steps to receive session notifications and manage a list of current sessions.

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