MS Graph API: Is it possible to get SIP address of a participant, connected through CVI

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Greetings everyone

Currently, I'm having a CVI licensed account. When using SIP devices to join to MS Teams meeting through CVI, I can see all the participants, and if the participant is a user that is registered within the organization - I can retrieve its email by fetching user identity by an identity Id.

However, if the participant is a SIP device, connected through CVI - the identity type available in participant details is "Application", and no further details available (like sip/email address to see who this is exactly):


I figured, that if I retrieve this application through /applications/{appId} endpoint (or the /devices/.... just in case) - I would be able to see all the details needed, including the address, but this doesn't seem to be the case (404 error). This seems to happen because this isn't an "application" within a given tenant, but rather a temporary entity.


So, I'm a bit confused now - is there any way to retrieve more details on participants from outside an organization, who was effectively connected through the CVI?

Thank you!

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  1. Maksym Rossiitsev 1 Reputation point

    If there won't be any reply to this one, but somebody ends up looking for the same thing -> I've just done this by basing matching on a side service, which is aware of all the devices' names:addresses, so by having the name alone Im able to tell what address does it have. Not a 100% fail-proof, it's gonna miss some random participants, but should be good enough for now.

    Another workaround could be to set device name to match its address. Not very convenient, since it delegates the control towards the device administrator, but should do the job.

    I would really want to know if there's a natural way to retrieve this information from Graph API itself though. This information should be present somewhere, and even the identities created - sure, those are temporary, but they are present in the system, so there has to be some information out there.

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