Any Way To Find The Call Stack For Debug And Release C++ Builds?

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Hi Folks:

Developing on Windows 10 Pro, Visual Studio Community 2022, all C++, no MFC.

I'd like to log and/or display a call stack, line numbers, function names, whatever hints are available, when a commonly used function is called.

A break point won't do because this function is going to be called many times from many points in the application and I won't know if there's something interesting to look at until I've run the code.

I'm looking for finding this information for both debug and release code.

I'm assuming less, or perhaps no, stack information is available for a release build, but I'd like testing to be done by users who won't have the development environment.

Perhaps there's a way to add some debugging information to a release build I could give the beta testers, but not put in the "real" release build the customers will see.


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    First of all you want to make sure that you have symbols for Windows dlls as well as for your own application. Of course, debuggers are capable of displaying a call stack. If your interest is to generate a call stack display programmatically then the stackwalk function looks promising.

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