How to Deploy - GITHUB Public REPO into Azure + Using CI/CD Then Validating it with Build, test etc

Marcos Ranes 1 Reputation point

I need to simply publish an APP written in Golang(GO) into AZURE providing CI/CD to run, Build, Test, etc.

I need to make it available afterwards to someone so they can access GITHUB Repo and perform this test to confirm it is actually deploying properly without having to access Azure at all. All need to be done using automation. Can some help?

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  1. Vidya Narasimhan 2,126 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Marcos Ranes here is a link of an example containing a github repo with nodejs codebase that uses Azure pipelines (ci/cd) to deploy onto Azure

    You can also use Github actions which is a native ci/cd workflow instead of Azure pipelines.

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  2. Marcos Ranes 1 Reputation point

    Here is where I started;






    I noticed as the image below can demonstrate that AZUre created a repo on my GITHUB as the previous Azure portal demonstrate the following files;

    Questions I have:
    1 - I used the AZUre template for a go app and it comes with the files above which I understand are required for the building into Azure, is it correct?

    2 - I have a repo which is a simple To-do list app (coded using go - Golang) THAT I Need to build as an APP at AZURE, is the way I described above the best way? I saw the Kubernetes as an option, is that another way that I should consider? I understand that for a simple app it isn't required. To get past this screen below I removed the Dockerfile that belongs to the Azure Build process app then U run it again... The following screen after the one below will show the last error that I can't get passed.

    During the building process, I was having an issue on 'build and push to ACR', check below;


    I noticed that I had 2 Dockerfile files (One of the Dockerfile files that came with Azure for the building process, and the other that was already within the APP that I was trying to build. Note: I understand that it was trying to run-build the docker file from Azure instead of the existing docker file from the application itself. = I would like to know now how do I get passed the error below to finally build this app, or if I should change all the procedures I did because of anything that I may have missed.


    Here is my repository link: