Am I able to run update/alter/delete queries on 'Cross-Database Queries in Azure SQL Database'?

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Mohammed, Irfan Khan (KT) 21 Reputation points


Is it possible to run update/alter/delete queries on 'Cross-Database Queries in Azure SQL Database'?

Thanks in advance.

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    Anurag Sharma 17,251 Reputation points

    Hi @Mohammed, Irfan Khan (KT) , Cross-database queries are limited to read only operations i.e. you can do a select on tables but wont be able to perform any DML operations. Below is the excerpt from official document:

    "Elastic query currently only supports read-only access to external tables. You can, however, use full T-SQL functionality on the database where the external table is defined. This can be useful to, e.g., persist temporary results using, for example, SELECT <column_list> INTO <local_table>, or to define stored procedures on the elastic query database that refer to external tables."


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  1. answered 2020-08-26T11:45:58.483+00:00
    Vaibhav Chaudhari 37,751 Reputation points

    It is possible only to select the data from other databases

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