Microsoft remote display adapter unsigned

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This is a driver shipped by Microsoft with Windows server 2022. It is not signed and the failover cluster validation complains about it, rightfully so. Why would this not have been signed by Microsoft?


Addendum: For calcification since all comments have been deleted. This error is reported when running Windows Server 2022 on VMware and is reproducible on Azure VMs with OOB configuration. Hardware and hypervisor are irrelevant to the report. This driver has been distributed by Microsoft but has not been signed. I originally wondered if there was good cause for this, but now I do not believe there is and it is simply a mistake. I can only hope this report makes it to those with the power the recognize and correct the mistake. We will be using server 2019 instead

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    Hello @Ryan ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Microsoft Q&A platform. I see that you are facing an issue with the unsigned device driver which is reported in the failover cluster validation. I have tried to reproduce this issue on my own and see that this driver is showing unsigned in windows 11 OS running on my PC as well.

    When I run the following PS command, I could see that the rdpidd.inf is the driver that shows in unsigned drivers along with a few. This one doesn't list in installed drivers under devmgmt.msc. I have reached out to windows internal teams at our end to understand why this driver is unsigned and what is the best approach to get it signed.

    I am also discussing internally, if this is a mandatory driver or it can be removed, because i see another RDP bus related driver that is related to remote desktop and is listed as signed.

    Get-WindowsDriver -Online -All | Where-Object {$_.DriverSignature -eq "Unsigned"}
    Driver : rdpidd.inf
    OriginalFileName : C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\rdpidd.inf_amd64_ddafac63f34fa55b\rdpidd.inf
    Inbox : True
    ClassName : Display
    BootCritical : False
    ProviderName : Microsoft
    Date : 6/21/2006 12:00:00 AM

    I further looked up at Microsoft Learn and see there is a way to get the drivers signed but it is vast and talks to test/release signing of drivers. windows-driver-signing-tutorial

    I will update you as soon as i hear from the windows experts. In the meanwhile i would also recommend you to raise a high severity support ticket with windows if this is your production environment.

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