SecretProviderClass syntax not working

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Yeah it is working now.

And, I tried to add details from below below links, and generated another secretprovider yaml file so that it would get both as files and secret objects.

# This is a SecretProviderClass example using user-assigned identity to access your key vault  
kind: SecretProviderClass  
  name: azure-kvname-user-msi  
  provider: azure  
    usePodIdentity: "false"  
    useVMManagedIdentity: "true"          # Set to true for using managed identity  
    userAssignedIdentityID: *******   # Set the clientID of the user-assigned managed identity to use  
    keyvaultName: devtest-large-keyvault        # Set to the name of your key vault  
    cloudName: ""                         # [OPTIONAL for Azure] if not provided, the Azure environment defaults to AzurePublicCloud  
    secretObjects:                              # [OPTIONAL] SecretObjects defines the desired state of synced Kubernetes secret objects  
    - data:  
      - key: username                           # data field to populate  
        objectName: foo1                        # name of the mounted content to sync; this could be the object name or the object alias  
      secretName: foosecret                     # name of the Kubernetes secret object  
      type: Opaque       
    objects:  |  
        - |  
          objectName: ExampleSecret  
          objectType: secret              # object types: secret, key, or cert  
          objectVersion: ""               # [OPTIONAL] object versions, default to latest if empty  
        - |  
          objectName: ExampleSecret1  
          objectType: secret              # object types: secret, key, or cert  
          objectVersion: ""   
          - |  
          objectName: ExampleSecret2  
          objectType: secret              # object types: secret, key, or cert  
          objectVersion: ""   
    tenantId: **********                # The tenant ID of the key vault  

But, getting below error.

kubectl apply -f .\Desktop\secretproviderclass.yaml  
error: error validating ".\\Desktop\\secretproviderclass.yaml": error validating data: ValidationError(SecretProviderClass.spec.parameters.secretObjects): invalid type for io.x-k8s.csi.secrets-store.v1.SecretProviderClass.spec.parameters: got "array", expected "string"; if you choose to ignore these errors, turn validation off with --validate=false  
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Azure Key Vault
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Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
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  1. shiva patpi 13,146 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Uday Kiran Reddy (ureddy) ,
    I was also getting the same error by using your YAML file


    There was a slight mistake , basically the "secretObjects" should be parallel to the parameters , but you have placed secretobject under parameters.

    see the modified one:


    After modifying , I am able to create successfully:


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