Create mysql flexible server with netcore 6 and azure sdk

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I have a problem with the creation of a mysql flexible server using .net core 6.
This problem is similar to the one I've already posted for postgresql (and that had been solved). This.

Also in this case the request seems to be correct, but looking on azure portal on activity log session, it always gave me a generic error.
At code side I received always:

Long running operation failed with status 'Failed'. Additional Info:'An unexpected error occured while processing the request. Tracking ID: '6f4349e0-0d82-4ca8-aad7-7bc1ef396053'

I've also tried generating the server with rest api functionality (the one with the label "try it") from docs and with the request json reported on the documentation, but same problem.

Generating from UI, I have no problem.

At code side, it's all very simple:

var client = new Microsoft.Azure.Management.MySQL.FlexibleServers.MySQLManagementClient(credentials, new HttpClientHandler());
client.SubscriptionId = data.SubscriptionId;

var serverParameters = new Microsoft.Azure.Management.MySQL.FlexibleServers.Models.Server
location: data.Location,
sku: new Microsoft.Azure.Management.MySQL.FlexibleServers.Models.Sku(data.SkuName, data.SkuTier),
version: data.Version,
storage: new Microsoft.Azure.Management.MySQL.FlexibleServers.Models.Storage(data.StorageSizeGB),
administratorLogin: adminLogin,
administratorLoginPassword: adminLoginPassword

var result = await client.Servers.CreateWithHttpMessagesAsync(

Someone can help me?

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    Good to hear @Franz that your problem is solved by fixing storage iops and storage autogrow parameters.

    Thank you for visiting Microsoft QA forums! Have a great day!
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