What is the difference between the boundingBoxes in the sample Form Recognizer labeling tool and the boundingBox values in the analysis results?

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The values of the boundingBoxes in the sample labeling tool and the analytic results seem to have different values for the boundingBoxes.

What are the units for each value?

Also, the form recoginzer
Without using the labeling tool, you can use some tool to
Is it possible to measure the boundingBoxes?

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Azure Form Recognizer
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    YutongTie-MSFT 24,391 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @test29998411

    Thank you for reaching out to us. I think you have questions about the value of boundingBoxes, below I will give an example to explain:


       'boundingBox': [  

    Those values represent the vertices of the bounding box as below:

      (57.1,683.3) X1,Y1---->x2,y2(100.2,683.3)  
                      |                |  
                      |                |  
      (57.1,673.3) X4,Y4<----x3,y3(100.2,673.3)  

    All the boundingBoxes for the same part of form should be the same, it shows the vertices of the target content.

    If you want to measure the boundingBoxes, you can use above vertices to do the calculation.

    Hope this helps!


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