EsbExceptionDb.usp_insert_Fault expects FaultID parameter

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In my BTS 2020 environment, I'm attempting to write the exceptions to the EsbExceptionDb Database using the (deprecated) SQL Adapter. I'm getting this error: "Procedure or function 'usp_insert_Fault' expects parameter '@FaultID' which was not supplied".

In my BTS 2013 environment (Production), I also use the SQL Adapter to write to the Exceptions database. And it works perfectly. I do not set the value of @FaultID explicitly in my Orchestration, and so the value must be getting set during runtime somehow.

I'm deployed the application to a BTS 2020 environment as follows: I opened the application in Visual Studio 2019, changed the Target Framework Property to .NET 4.7.2 for each Project, and deployed it to my BTS 2020 environment. The usp_insert_Fault SPROC appears to be identical between my two environments. And so I thought that inserting the exceptions would "just work" without changes to the application or to the Orchestration.

FaultID is defined as a uniqueidentifier Parameter in the SPROC. How does the value for @FaultID get set?

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